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About the DIET



Vice Principal

Smt Pramila

Senior Lecturers

  1. Shri.M.Y.Honkasturi
  2. Shri Narasimhaya

Senior Lecturers vacant - 3


  1. Smt Syeda Anis s Mujawar
  2. Shri R.L.Yalladgi
  3. Shri B.Y.Patil
  4. Shri S.I Ajur
  5. Shri S.J Nayak
  6. Smt.M.V.Huded
  7. Shri T.S.Algur
  8. Shri A.L.Nagar
  9. Smt Sujata Pujari

PSTE programme details

DIET plans


  1. Effectiveness of geo-kit- Smt S.S.mujawar
  2. Usage of Library-Smt Sujata Pujari
  3. effectiveness of Nali-kali Shri R Y Yalldagi
  4. CALC -Shri S.L.Ingaleshwar
  5. Effectiveness of sharing meetings-shri S.I.Ajur

==Programmes==NAS SURVEY

        Bijapur District is selected for Try out Survey for class III cycle IV from DSERT, Bangalore.
        On Dated 3-3-2015 H.M'S and Field Investigators Meeting was conducted in Urdu TTI bijapur.
        Total 50 H.M's and 50 Field Investigators attended this meeting. 25 schools from  Bijapur
        city and 25 schools from Bijapur Grameena were selected as per the guidance from SADPI
        Smt Kumari  madam. Instructions were given to all the participants regarding the survey.
            Shri, M.M Sindhur, Principal Diet, Smt  S.S Mujawar Dist Nodal and Shri Basavraj R.P
        were present for the orientation programme.

Training programmes

   Computer Training Has given for all the Lectures and staff from Dated15-4-2015 to 30-4-2015
   In Vijayapur Diet. The Basic knowledge of computer training was given. The training was given by 
   Shri Prakash Chouhan, Prakash Naik.All the lecturers participated with lot of interst to learn


DSERT Director Shri JAYAKUMAR and all officers (SADPI) visited DIET Vijayapur as part of "SHAIKSHANIKA SPANDHANA" Programme.

    The teams visited about 20 Primary, Secondary and D.ED colleges in Muddebihal,B.Bagewadi, Indi,and Vijayapur urban Block.
    The Director conducted meeting of all B.E.O's,B.R.C's and DIET Faculty. The team members shared feedback about the school visits
    and discussed regarding implementation of various schmes.
      The following officers attended the programme- Shri Gangamaregowda, Shri Rangadhamappa, Shri Manjunath, Shri Jangi,
      Smt.Drakshyani,Smt Geeta,Smt Anjalina, Smt Kumari,Smt Banumati,Smt Usha.

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