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Kumta - for Uttara Kannada & Sirsi: Kumta Uttara Kannada & Sirsi

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  1. Principal- Sri Ishwar H Naik
  2. Vice Principal- Sri Vasanthi Bai
  3. Senior Lecturer - Sri R M Mogera
  4. Senior Lecturer -V.R.Naik
  5. Senior Lecturer -S.C.Manjunath


Principal- Sri I.H.Naik

  1. Vice Principal- Smt.Vasanthibai
  2. Senior Lecturer - Sri D.M.Mogera
  3. Senior Lecturer - Sri V.R.Naik
  4. Senior Lecturer - Sri Mangala lakshmi Patil
  5. Senior Lecturer - Sri S.C.Manjunatha
  6. Senior Lecturer - Smt Kalpana naik
    1. Lecturer - Smt Shubhanaik
    2. Lecturer - Sri Guni

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