Construction Of Triangles

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Additional Information

Useful websites

  1. This website gives basic ideas of constructing
  2. This helps to know thw constriction oftriangleclick here
  3. To know about how to construct triangleclick here

This video gives information on construction of triangles.

The below video gives more information about construction of trangles by Gireesh K S and Suchetha S S

==Reference Books==

Concept - 1: Introduction


  1. Activity No #1 - Introduction to Construction Of Triangles click here


  1. Activity No 2 - Introduction to uses of geometrical instrument click here

Concept- 2: Construction of Triangles

Activity 1

What is a Triangle? Click Here

Activity 2

Drawing a triangle when measures of three sides are given? Click Here

Activity 3

Drawing a triangle when measures of two sides and one angle are given? Click Here

Activity 3a

Construction of triangle with 2 sides and an angle SSA - conceptual error Click Here

Activity 4

Draw  a triangle when measures of two angles and one side are given? Click Here