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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ
Videos and Interactives
Sl NO Resource Title Description
1 Polynomials This multimedia mathematics resource features a video that illustrates how parabolas and polynomial equations are used to study the flight path of objects. Using an interactive component, students explore and compare the flight paths and equations of a football, a mountain bike, and a skateboard. A polynomials print activity is provided.
2 Quadratic Function Explorer This interactive activity helps you realize the action of the three coefficients a, b, c in a quadratic equation.
3 Equation Grapher (a)Sketch how the graph of a line changes as the coefficient and constant vary. (b)Predict how a line graph will look given an equation in other forms. (c)Sketch how a parabola changes as coefficients and constant vary. (d)Predict how a parabolic graph will look given equations in other forms.
4 Triangles This resource contain all information related to triangle like definition, types of triangle, perimeter, congruency etc.,
5 Triangles This helps to know the aplication of geometry in our daily life, it contain videos and interactives.
6 Circles and Arcs
7 Circles
8 Constructions
9 Square Roots
10 Statistics and Probability
11 Graphing Lines
12 Polygons
13 Quadrilaterals
14 Parallelograms
15 Congruence
16 Similarity and Congruence
17 Mensuration
18 Linear Function Explorer
20 Exponents
21 Introduction to Co-Ordinate Geometry
23 Solid Geometry