Toer maths science workshop 3 day wise reports

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Day 1 Report

Third workshop (07.04.2015 to 11.04.2015)
1st day Report (07.04.2015)

Our Course Coordinator Dr Vijaya Rao addressed the participants regarding the importance of the program. And submit all the Digital Lessons with help of Resource Persons before leaving the Computer lab. Then Resource person Ashok sir explained the agenda of the III workshop. And received feedback from the participants about home work.

In the 1st session,RP Ashok given a demo on you tube downloads,explains copy rights and Creative common. C= copy right CC= can copy,can edit, can dub,can share it etc. All the participants are practiced on you tube videos downloading,GIMP,open shot video editor,Record my desktop etc.

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Day 2 Report

Second day report

Good morning everybody the day 2 begin with same previous work on unit plan ,and all the participants are busy with there lesson plans.All the participants are prepared unit plan with the help of Ranjani madam ,Guru sir,Ashok ,Rakesh and nandish sir.
In the afternoon session parcipants are presented there unit plan in digital method by using projector and received feedback from VijayRao sir Course Coordinater of SSA and Ranjani madam.

Presentations topic wise participants followed by..

After completion of above four presentations. the time of the day is completed.

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Day 3 Report


Day 3 was started by 8:45 am-10am all the participants were do hands on about their assigned topic.

  • prepared lesson plans as per templet.

10:30am – 1:30pm:

in this session was taken by Guru sir about libero cal.

  • about making tables
  • about creating spread sheets.
  • analysing the data.
  • freeze and hiding data.
  • using different shrtcut keys.
  • finally Guru sir made some suggestions while using libero cal.
  • Ranjani madam explained and demonistrate how to up load in wiki.

2:00pm- 3pm: participants do hands on for libero cal.

3:00pm- 4pm: vijaya rao sir give some suggestions that every one can take a topic and prepare complete lesson plan as per templete.

4:15pm- 5:30pm: participants are allotted topics and they are preparing templets as per guidelines.




Day 4 Report


  1. All participants preparing post work on their project works.
  2. Present some lessons by the participants
  3. learn How to create folders for the up loading into website page.
  4. Rakesh give presentaion on folder creation'
  5. main folder contain name of the topic,and in this folder contain sub folders like images and videos.
  6. In image file contain two sub folders like downloaded images and created images as the same video folder also.
  7. All participants create that type of folders .
  8. After creating folders they insert all files into main folder.


-After lunch Ashok sir take a session on stellarium.
-Stellarium is an application for use explaining the solar system.
-explain how to form solar eclips and munar eclips of previous also.
-It is very usefull for the social and science subjects.
-We know atmospere of various states and countries throu this application.

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Day 5 Report

TOER Workshop-3rd,5th Day Report


Today all participant attend at 9 o'clock morning at workshop center. In the workshop place all persons open their mails and check whats news today?.Recapitulated Yesterday what we learn in workshop?
All participant together meet in class room. Ranjani medam taken class by turtle art tool. She instructs to all how to use its not a construct tool.she teach how to we make rectangle by it.she teaches one by one steps and she makes rectangle. From this tool we make so many funny images and understand what conditions are we gives there. This tool for maths. Completion of class all participants are practice turtle art tool.

Participants are conduct one simple honorable meeting to trainers, resource persons and course director. Sri vijaya ramarao honorable by small portrait,coacher and rp's honorable by participants .Participants are speaks about the toer workshop. This workshop should be good result in the class room in shortly. Enhance workshop in future for animation tool. All participants must communicated there projects each together. This workshop too much usefull for our government schools.
After lunch break
All are prepare there topic digital lesson plans and submitted to rp's.All participants filled there feedback google form himself and submitted.

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