Workshop on Use of Technology and OER for Online Content Development for Better Learning

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  1. Understanding the role of OER in teaching and learning FOSS in Education, OER platforms to access resources
  2. Accessing and creating Open Educational Resources (OER) by using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) applications
  3. Introducing participants to different technological tools for self learning, collaborative learning and resource creation
  4. Introducing participants to FOSS web platform to conduct courses and online classes


Date Sessions Session details Resources
22/03/21, Monday - Introduction to ICT in Education

- Creating with ICT – Concept mapping

1. What is concept mapping?

2. Creating concept map using FOSS tool “Freeplane”

3. Creating a PDL on the selected topic

4. Importance of FOSS and OER

create and re-purpose OER using FOSS tools

- Freeplane handout

- Presentation slides

23/03/21, Tuesday - Connecting with the World

- Creating with ICT – Text resources (slide presentation)

1. Understanding and accessing OER

2. Downloading OER resources – Text, Image, Video and Audio

3. Create presentation on the selected topic using FOSS tool “LibreOffice Impress”

Creating text OER

- Firefox web browser handout

- Useful websites

Session presentation slides

- LibreOffice handout ( Text Editor, Presentation)


24/03/21, Wednesday - Creating with ICT – Creation of graphic (Image and Video) resources

- Creating with ICT – Interactive content

1. Create and edit images, on selected topic, with Image editing tool – “Tux Paint”

2. Create video on the selected topic, using “Vokoscreen” FOSS screen casting tool

3. Create Interactive content using “H5P” FOSS online platform

Create and re-use of Image resources

- Tuxpaint handout

- H5P handout

- Vokoscreen handout

- Presentation slides on H5P

25/03/21, Thursday - Creating with ICT – Text documents

- Uploading PDL using the Google suite – Google drive, form and photos

- Interact with world through mobile applications

- Introducing to the FOSS webinar platform

1. Create a master text document on the selected topic

2. Using Google applications to upload and share resources on the web

3. Use mobile features to interact with the world, upload and create resources

4. Use “BigBlueButton” FOSS webinar platform to interact in the virtual classroom

Creating text OER

- LibreOffice handout ( Text Editor, Presentation )

Publishing resources

- Google Drive, Google photos handout Ubuntu Installation

Google Slides

26/03/21, Friday - Connecting with the World – Use LMS platform

- PDL presentation

- Way Forward

1. Creating an online course using “Moodle” FOSS Learning Management System)

2. Participant presentation of PDL (select participants)

3. Participant feedback on the workshop and their plans for taking the learning forward

Moodle handout

BigBlueButton handout

NOTE: All five days workshop will start at 10 am and will end at 5 pm. Every day first tea break will be at 11.30 am, the second tea break will be at 03.30pm and lunch break will be from 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM.

Workshop resources

  1. Download "Teachers' toolkit for creating and re-purposing OER using FOSS"
  2. Download workshop manual

Reading resources

  1. Teachers' toolkit for creating and re-purposing OER using FOSS
  2. Why public software in education system
  3. Explore an application
  4. Spoken tutorials
    1. Geogebra tutorials
    2. Firefox
    3. LibreOffice Writer
  5. Geogebra tube - to download created geogebra files
  6. FOSS applications to create OER resources

Additional resources

  1. Useful websites
  2. Why public software
  3. Curricula for ICT in Education

Participants feedback

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