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Collaborative creation of, for and by Karnataka Teachers
540 articles in English language

Teacher Education Programmes

  1. Workshop for DIET Principals, on digital technologies for self learning and peer learning within a "Community of Practice"
  2. STF-KOER workshops for 2015-16, 2014-15 and 2013-14
  3. List of all MRP teachers 2011-16 for all subjects. DIETs can refer to this sheet for getting STF MRP names for all subjects. You can download the google doc and filter on district and subject
  4. List of all teachers trained under STF during 2012-13 for all subjects. DIETs can refer to this sheet for getting possible STF teachers names for all subjects.

Education News

Hindu - May 25, 2017

Following amendments to India’s copyright law, texts may now be freely transcribed without prior clearances, solely to cater to the interests of targeted groups. Children with vision impairments, of varying degrees of severity, in economically backward regions are beneficiaries, enjoying, at least in theory, unprecedented access to curriculum material... read more

In Focus

Download the revised text books for 2017-18 here


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