Sex education required as a part of adolescent education in HS

I think we need to bring in the issues of sexuality into adolescent education in our high schools. Perhaps we need a dedicated teacher for a subject called adolescent education. Bringing this formally into the syllabus will help give it focus, currently while we believe it should be a part of all subjects, it seldom is touched upon. In the absence of any such education, our students, especially girls, become vulnerable to exploitation.

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Guru, IT for change

For Sunitha Krishnan of Prajwala, the arrest of Kaushi Kauonr from Bengaluru (  by CBI sleuths is only a small step towards justice to the victims of sexual assaults. This was the third arrest made by the police since the Hyderabad-based social activist launched ‘Shame Rapist’ campaign three months ago by posting videos of two rapes online. The video showing faces of six men, involved in two rapes, went viral. As the police failed to make any progress, she moved the Supreme Court. Following her petition, the apex court ordered an investigation by the CBI.

“The two videos I posted apart, I am getting such videos every day. Now, what are the police and the government going to do about the remaining ghastly crimes?” she asked. Speaking to this correspondent, Ms. Krishnan said it was high time the government created a mechanism for rape victims to seek justice like an exclusive wing in the Home Ministry to investigate sex crimes. “The videos of rapes uploaded suggest these crimes are pan-India… crime is committed somewhere, uploaded from Bengaluru and offenders are from some other State,” she pointed out.

Ms. Krishnan also wanted the government to have a formal agreement with the social networking sites like Facebook making it mandatory that any sexually explicit content posted on their pages is immediately informed to the police.
Gurumurthy Kasinathan
Director, IT for Change