Assam stf Technology workshop June 2016

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Objectives of the workshop

  1. The Participants should be independently give support for the district level
  2. Creation of a Free and open environment for technology in education
  3. Build capability in teachers for connecting and creating using ICTs
  4. Peer support should be happen in districts RPs and in the State RPs group


upload to drive and link it to here

Participant Profile

  1. Take participent indivisdual photos
  2. Raname photos file name with participant name
  3. upload to and link it to here

Technology Workshop Handouts

  1. Importance of Free and Open Source Environment
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Internet – a new method of learning
  4. Note_on_Internet_access
  5. How to access the internet
  6. How to create a Personal Digital Library
  7. Using a text editor
  8. Emailing
  9. Text editing
  10. Combining images and text
  11. to use Freemind Freemind
  12. Handout for Freemind
  13. Text editing
  14. Screencast Recording
  15. Ubuntu Installation
  16. How to add members to the email group
  17. Use full website for Ubuntu users
  18. Differences between_Windows_vs_ubuntu
  19. Reason for the Free software
  20. Ubuntu installation in different method
  21. How to make Ubuntu Bootable pendrive
  22. Samba file sharing
  23. Adding languages in ibus for typing
  24. Run jar file
  25. Instal .tar.gz file
  26. Connecting HP and canon printers
  27. Install Gnome classic desktop environment
  28. Repairing booting problem by using boot repairer
  29. All network related doubts
  30. Block website through host file
  31. If network manager fails
  32. Printer related doubts
  33. For all Libreoffice related quires
  34. Thunderbird related quires

Participant Feedback

At Workshop

Take some good photos which participants are working with computer and upload to and link here.

Workshop Reports