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If you want 'Kalpavriksha', a custom Ubuntu distribution with 3,000 software packages, do write to KOER@KarnatakaEducation.org.in. DVD costs (Rs 100) and courier/packing costs will need to be paid.


If you have good Internet download speed, you can download latest Kalpavriksha (Ubuntu) ISO file from this link and need to make bootable DVD or pendrive for installing it in your computer.

Ubuntu 16.04 Installation

Go through this page for detail installation steps to install Ubuntu in your computer through different method.

  1. Installing Ubuntu as a stand-alone Operating System
  2. Upgrade installed Ubuntu to the latest
  3. Installing Ubuntu alongside the Microsoft Windows Operating System
  4. Using Ubuntu through 'Virtual Machine' option
  5. Using Ubuntu without installation

Edubuntu/Ubuntu 14.04 Installation

Ubuntu Installation - Kannada

Below is the Ubuntu installation detailed videos by Ravula Anjaiah MIS coordinator and Science RPs Karimnagar District, Telangana.

Ubuntu Installation video in Telugu
Ubuntu Installation, part 1 - BIOS configuration
Ubuntu Installation, part 2 - Installing through dvd

More details about Ubuntu installation

Documents for the Ubuntu installation Click here