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We have been struggling to establish norms with the Kishoris due to long gaps between sessions and various other reasons. In this session we will be trying to talk about norms by performing role plays. We will also start the conversation about food and nutrition.

Facilitator: Aparna

Co-faclitator: Anusha, Karthik, Shreyas


  1. Since there is a very long break Kishoris might have forgotten why we wish to work with them.
  2. We don’t have a lot of classes as December is the last month we can go to school.
  3. They swing from noisy girls to silent ones (while talking to us). We have not been able to make them articulate.
  4. They keep resisting us and pushing us towards authority figures, so we need a very creative methodology to reach them.
  5. We feel their other class behavior (i.e, not answering or not being able to answer teacher’s question) impacts on articulation coaxing from us.
  6. Not having places and having less time – continues to be a hindrance.
  7. Audio Vox pop on food - made some of them speak, we hope that role plays that we do will make more Kishoris to speak up.
  8. Tearing each other down if one girl tries to stand up and talk needs to be changed Norms need to be reestablished.


To make our re-entry fun – start the process of interaction and start the conversation about nutrition


• Greet the Kishoris.

• Different role plays depicting the norms that we want to establish will be performed in front of Kishoris

Role Plays

The scenarios can have different dialogues depending on the school background. Different cases told by Kishoris itself are considered to perform role plays. Below are the role plays

1. One girl talking and others ridiculing – Talkie talkie, yes poppa

2. Everybody will participate + raising hand + Not interrupting – Interruption girl

3. Chat bhandar – before chat visit – friends count money and then order – Lets eat chaat and chat

Role Play 1. Talkie Talkie, Yes Poppa

• A facilitator will announce the scenario title.

Characters: H2HD team facilitator, girl 1: girl who is talking, girl 2 and girl 3: 2 girls who are ridiculing  girl 1

Facilitator: What did you think about the audio clip on food?

Girl 1: Food is very important to us, food is nutritious, food gives energy, () food is needed for the body, food is tasty ()

Girl 2 and 3: Yeah to go to M.G Road and eat twister,  ya ya that’s why gobi – giggle

Everybody will participate + raising hand + Not interrupting – Interruption girl

H2HD team facilitator, 3 girls - Chaos plus ideal behaviour


Facilitator: Where will you be 5 years from now?

Girl 1: I will be in the park full of roses with my dog

Girl 2: I will be with friends in Lalbagh

Girl 3: Spaced out


Facilitator: Where will you be 5 years from now?

Girl 1: Lift hand – I will be in college

Girl 2: I will be working in Infosys

Girl 3: I will be studying

Chat bhandar – before chat visit – friends count money and then order – Lets eat chaat and chat

Characters: Chaat bhandar guy, 3 girls

Girl 1: I am really hungry ya

Girl 2: I have 15 rupees, you?

Girl 3: I have 20

Girl 1: I only have 5 rupees

Girl 2: Its ok, next time you can give. Come lets go

Girl 1: I will give ok

(Walk and come to chaat bhandar)

Chaat Guy: Yen kodli

Girl 2: one masale and one bhel puri  thagolanva?, what ya?

Girl 1: Uncle ond masalpuri, ondu bhel kodi, khara medium irli

Girl 3: Bhel ge sweet kammi haaki

(Chaat guy will start preparing chaats)

Girl 3: Did you drink milk?

Girl 1: yuck – my tonsil is paining

Girl 2: I hate milk

Girl 2: We should save money go to Mc. Donalds next month

Girl 1: Yes, I love french fries -yummm

Girl 2: My wish is to eat Mc dee meal for my birthday

Girl 3: Dont look, is that guy following you Anusha?

Girl 2: I saw him yesterday too

Girl 1: Who?

Girl 3: Red T shirt – near that auto behind you

Girl 1: He looks like  creepy (all of them giggle)

• After the role play Kishoris will be asked, "How was it? Which one you liked best? Why? Who did you like the most? What do you think was the content of each scenario?"

• The conversation will be steered towards food and nutrition. Kishoris will be asked "What will happen if they don't eat the whole day?"

• Facilitator will continue to talk about how food is important to the body and why junk food is harmful.

• Conversation will continue in the next class to discuss different types of nutrition required to the body.

Materials Required

  • Laptop
  • Speaker

Facilitators Required – 4

1 main facilitator and 3 co- facilitators to act out the role-play.


40 minutes