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Teaching Outlines

  1. renewable natural resources
  2. non reneable natural resources
  3. management of natural resources
  4. fossil fuels- petrolium, coal,natural gases
  5. endangered species
  6. water and its methods of conservation
  7. depletion of non renewable sresources
  8. conservation metod and acts
  9. national parks and reservoirs

Concept #

Learning objectives

  1. understands the diversity of natural rsources and meaning of natural resources
  2. categorises the natural resources into renewable and non renewable natural resources
  3. understands the water conservation methods
  4. understands formation of fossil fuels and present situvations.
  5. understandds the methods of c onservatrion of endangered species and list out it
  6. realise the need of natural reources to be conserved
  7. reason ouit for the depletion of natural resources.
  8. understands the oither methods of conservations and conservation acts
  9. develops skill to economicallly usage of natural resources
  10. list out names of national parks and reservoirs

Notes for teachers

today we are living in 21st centuray , in this reagard we are lagging behind in conservation of natural resources and not using it economically for our welfare . so that we have to see towards the conservartion of natural resources. natural resources are categorized in to as follows on the basis of – living means those animals and plants and its producats like petrolelum and all come in this.non living merans like soil, water air and gold iron stc elements on the basis of renewability natural resources are clasified in to renewable natural rsources – like easily renewable like light,, air, . due to human activity natural resources may deplete but it can be renewable like forest food water etc non renewble natural rsources- are the resources which can’t be renewed easily abd once it will depllete from the earth we cant get back like- petroleum, coal, natural gas..


  1. Activity No #1 visiting a building where rain water harvesting is practising
  2. Activity No #2 preparing a model of rain water harvesting
  3. Activity 3. Preparation of chart on ore available in Karnataka
  4. Activity 4- Discussion on unhealthy usage of environment
  5. Activity 5- pick and speech on conservation of environment
  6. Activity 6- collection of coal and its products
  7. Activity 7- model preparation on rain water harvesting
  8. Activity 8- questionnaire on soil conservation
  9. Activity 9- Preparation of chart on soil conservation
  10. Activity 10- Preparation of report on conservation of wild life
  11. Activity 11- writing an essay on conservation of fossil fuel

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Learning objectives

Notes for teachers


  1. Activity No #1 Concept Name - Activity No.
  2. Activity No #2 Concept Name - Activity No.

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