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#buy a laptop or netbook
#[[become a STF groups member | Become a STF groups or a whatsapp/hike/telegram member]]
#buy data card / get Internet connectivity
#[[buy_a_laptop_or_netbook|Buy a laptop or netbook or mobile phone]]
#install Ubuntu on my computer
#[[buy_data_card_get_Internet| Buy data card / get Internet connectivity]]
#configure Kannada typing on my computer
#[[install_Ubuntu_on_my_computer|Install Ubuntu / Edubuntu / Kalpavriksha on my computer]]
#learn typing with all my fingers
#[[configure_Kannada_typing_on_my_computer|Configure Kannada typing on my computer]]
#learn educational tools for my subject
#[[learn_typing_with_all_my_fingers|Learn typing with all my fingers]]
#[[learn_educational_tools_for_my_subject|Learn educational tools for my subject]]
#[[translate_from_english_to_kannada | Translate material from English to Kannada or any language to any language]]
#[[see old STF mails|  see old STF mails before I became a member]]
#[[see teachers with own laptops | see teachers with own laptops]]


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