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KOER Mathematics 2014-15

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Resources and handouts
#[ Resource Creation tracker - Participant list]
#[ Using spreadsheet for recording, analysing and reporting CCE information]
# [ STF Mails - macro analyses for 2011-15, as of Feb 2015] # STF Mails - micro analyses for August 2014# STF KOER research FGD Mindmap- to provide# Geogebra files shared by Ganesh Shettigar sir- Ganesh Shettigar sir to provide KOER link in different topics# Maths Foundational learning by Jayanti Madam- to provide KOER link
# Circle of Influence (Prabhavada Valaya)and circle of concern (Kalaji Valaya)
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===STF KOER research FGD Mindmap===
<mm>[[STF-KOER FGD Maths Science|Flash]]</mm>
==See us at the Workshop==

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