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Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3

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=== Program with Government Aided Schools (2018-21) ===
lAfter the completion of the three year program with Government High Schools from 2014-17, IT for Change has begun a similar program with the Government Aided Schools in Bengaluru South 3 Block. The aims of the program are:# To teach teachers to use subject software applications for subject teaching and for creating digital TLM# To teach teachers to use generic text, image, audio and video software applications for teaching (both digital literacy and computer-assisted-learning), and for creating digital TLM# To support teachers to implement digital literacy and subject based teaching with students for improving learning outcomes# To establish professional learning communities (PLCs) amongst teachers, by subject, across Bengaluru South 3 schools and support their need-based, continuous and peer-learning based learning ==== Program Activities / processes ====# ITfC team will work with the department and the HMs of the schools to identify schools interested in the program over the 3 year period.# ITfC team will work with select interested schools (2, 4 and 6 in year 1, 2 and 3 respectively). ITfC faculty will help subject teachers in integrating ICT for subject teaching as a part of the regular syllabus transaction in that school, and also support digital literacy classes by teachers for students. This will be aligned to the NCERT National ICT Curriculum, 2013# ITfC will design and conduct period 1 day workshops to train teachers on subject based software applications and generic applications. These workshops will be ''subject wise only'', and will be conducted on an identified day each month. ''Teachers from the schools where ICT is being integrated for subject teaching will also present their work to support peer learning in these workshops.''# ITfC team will support all interested schools to develop and maintain ICT Labs.# ITfC team will support teachers to create digital TLM in Kannada and in English, and upload it on the Karnataka Open Educational Resources portal, for use by all teachers.# ITfC team will support teachers to regularly communicate with parents using IVRS system
=== Program with Government High Schools (2014-17) ===
#Block-level events for students and teachers
====Details of workshops====
Details of workshops can be found on the following pages by subject.
====Bengaluru South 3 Government High School Web pages====
[ Bengaluru South 3 Government High School Web pages]
====Computer labs in South 3 Block Schools====
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