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Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3

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The TCOL program attempts to demonstrate how technology can support the improvement of educational outcomes at a school level through a community of learning approach. The program attempts to build communities at multiple levels - within the school, across different subject teachers, and across the schools in the Bengaluru South 3 block.
This is the '''third phase''' of the program, working with government aided schools in Bengaluru South 3 blockfrom 2018 to 2021 (three academic years). The program attempts to expand and deepen the work done in the '''second phase''' TCOL from 2014-17 which had focused on only government high schools.
=== Objectives of the program in Phase 3 (2018-21) ===
# Support teachers to interact with one another, for peer learning and mentoring, within a 'community of learning '
# Support schools and teachers to learn and adopt ICTs in a variety of ways, for both their own development as well as for use in their teaching-learning processes
==== Block workshops calendar ====
The following is the proposed schedule for workshops during 2018-19. Detailed program objectives by subject are available in each of the following pages for [[Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3 Maths programme|Mathematics program,]] Languages Kannada program and Head Masters' program.
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==== School level work ====
Being plannedFew schools will be identified for supporting class level and school level integration of ICT for teaching-learning and for school development. Work in Mathematics and English has begun in BHS school. A few more schools will be identified for working in the areas of Mathematics, Kannada, English during 2018-19, and in other subjects in subsequent years.
==== Curricular areas ====
=== Program with Government High Schools in Phase 2 (2014-17 Completed) ===
During the three academic years 2014-17, the program worked with the 16 Government High Schools of Bengaluru South 3 Block. The two components of the program were the block level community building workshops and the school level support for academic improvement.
====Program focus areas====

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