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Kamala Nehru Boys High School

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=== BES high school ''Kamala Nehru'' Boys High ''School'' ===
==== School Location Map ====
{{Color-box|3|School Location Map|{{#MultiMaps: marker = 12.9264992937203,77.588858 574618 ~ TCOL South 3 aided school ~BES high school Kamala Nehru Boys High School~ SchoolMarker.png }}}}
===School Profile===
BES high school ''Kamala Nehru'' Boys High ''School'' which is located at " 445, 18th Main Rd, 4th T Block EastNo.81, Pattabhirama NagarSouth End Circle, JayanagarNittur Srinivas Rao Road, BengaluruBasavanagudi, Karnataka 560082Bangalore - 560004 " Mr. Doreswami H Rathod is the present Head master of the school which is aided under Government of Karnataka. The school has always put students education as its primary goal that is why we have also provided them with Library, computer labs, Good play ground etc. Recognizing the importance of ICT in education, we have started ICT integrated classes for high school students from this academic year.
==== Student Strength ====

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