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CELT RIESI Language Workshop July 2019

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One-day workshops on "Audio materials development" for participants of the CELT program (different batches) of [ RIESI]: # - July 27, 2019# , August 24, 2019# , September 8, 2019 === Objectives of the workshop ===
# Exploring new digital tools for language learning
# Exploring Audacity FOSS tool to create rich language resources for use in a language lesson
# Publishing created audio resource on a public repository for use of all teachers
=== Agenda ===
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|10.00 - 10.30|Overview|Presentation|Understand objectives of the workshopReview the agenda Understanding second language acquisition (Krashen)|Review the workshop pageRead the resource on Krashen (See Resources section) |-|10.30 -11.00|Listening to exemplar audio story|Listening Discussing|Listen to an audio story (Karadi Tales - Blue Jackal)Discuss the benefits of creating audio resource|Documenting discussions in a mindmap|-|11.00 -11.30
|Record audio using different devices
|Creating audio resources for the lessons in the text
|Demo and Hands-on
== Feedback ==
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