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{{Color-box|11|Welcome to Karnataka Open Educational Resourcesthe Mathematics Portal|The Karnataka Open Educational Resources (KOER) portal Mathematics is an OER repository with collaborative resource creation by a language - many mathematicians have described the teachers, process of the teachers mathematics as art and for the teachers from Karnatakapoetry. The portal seeks to bring together teachersBertrand Russell once wrote, students“Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme beauty, schools a beauty cold and institutions in Karnataka to share their experiences austere, like that of sculpture, sublimely pure and resourcescapable of a stern perfection, such as only the greatest art can show. The KOER is also available ” Other mathematicians and scientists have often written about the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in [http://karnatakaeducation.orgexplaining the world around.Notwithstanding the poetry and the beauty, a functional knowledge of mathematics and computing is an essential skill for transacting in/KOER Kannada]society.
KOER began as an initiative However, to publish all appreciate the resources being shared by poetry of this language or to transact, one must learn the teachers in grammar and acquire the [[Subject Teacher Forum]] mailing listsvocabulary. All content created And school mathematics is largely about acquiring the skills to communicate and uploaded on KOER is licensed as OER using develop the love for the CC BY SA Creative Commons licenselanguage. KOER This portal is a collaborative platform maintained by [ IT for Change], curating resources shared by students and teachers on mailing lists, resources shared by other organizations as well as from the world wide web to make a resource repository relevant to the teachers of the stateengage with this language and build those skills.}}

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