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| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=12|title=Lesson of the week}}{{#widget:YouTube|id=LLKFqv71i0s|left}}<br>This is a resource file uploaded by Suchetha, Mathematics teacher, GHS Thyamangondlu. It shows lesson using Geogebra to demonstrate the construction of a tangent at any point on a circle.<br>You can contribute your lesson to KOER directly if you have login credentialsgiven triangle with perimeter and base value angles. If you do not have login access you can submit your resources using The first file allows a step by step description of the construction and the second file shows the Contribute button on proof of the left panelconstruction. | style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=8|title=ICT Curriculum and syllabusFeatured web resource}}
Participating in today's information society requires the development of new skills as well as an understanding of how these processes are affecting society. The National ICT Curriculum, developed by CIET, NCERT, is a response to this requirement. <br>
An [ ICT textbook] has been developed by the state of Telangana based on this curriculum. An accompanying [ teacher handbook] is also available. Resources for digital literacy are available [ here].
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=8|title=Perspectives on EducationPedagogy of mathematics}}
Education is the making of society. Education does not merely 'serve' the public, it 'creates' the public. As practitioners, we need to engage with the questions of why, what and how of education. The repository will feature readings on education from different philosophers of education. Periodically, study circles will be organized based on selected resources. Do access these resources, discuss these in groups in your school or district and share your reflections.
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=11|title=CoursesCurriculum and syllabus}}
To stay current in your knowledge and also to improve your skills. you can view / access different courses available on various platforms
#[[Technology integrated learning - Course for B.Ed student teachers and teacher educators|ICT course for B.Ed students]]

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