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Workshop resources
|3.30 – 4.30
|Demo + Hands on
|Understanding # Introduce to LO presentation software2. Getting familear with GDL access and the power browsers 3. Use Google features to make data collections and possibilities of creating drives|1. Working with ICT in multiple waysLibreoffice Impress2. Introduction create a presentations using simple features from impress 3. Use basic animation features 4. Use firefox to access GDL 5. DOwnloading Images, videos and text 6. Use different browser shortcuts to audio visual access resources easily 7. Use google featurs like google drive, youtube, photos etc as school resource creation – Audacity, Record my Desktop repository|Working with 1. Libreoffice impress 2. FIrefox
3. File formats,players and conversion
|Introduction to audio visual tools
Kazan – to create video resources by recording your screen along with your audio
Audacity – to create audio resources – by recording, editing and adding effects
|Audio clips and video files recorded by the teacher

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