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From the beginning of the program we have been talking about co-creation. In the previous sessions we went theough the process of co-creation. Building rapport and getting to know each other is important to build the trust between facilitators and Kishoris. Using fun activities for ice breaking will make Kishoris comfortable with us and also build their excitement to work with us. Audio contents on a simple topic like food can help in visualisation and articulation. Usage of technology will also trigger interests in Kishoris and help them in opening up to us before venturing into serious topics of adolescence.
# Total time available is 40 minutes.
# Number of absentees may be more due to holidaysduring Independence day.
# In the last 3 sessions Kishoris have been asked to write something using chart and sketch pen or on paper. They may be thinking in this we would do the same in this session as well.
# Activities can’t be done outside the classrooms. Grounds are occupied by one or the other class.
# Chart with silent messages
# [ Vox pop created on food]

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