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* Orientation on concept mapping
* Orientation on using subject-based ICT tools for resource creation and teaching
** Language (English and Kannada)** Social Science** Mathematics** Science* Orientation on commonly used applications (LibreOffice, Browser, Search Engine)
=== Agenda ===
[ Participant information and feedback]
|4:15 – 4:30
|Enrol for a 5 day workshop on the educational applications Apply to IT for Change
'''Other resources'''
# Concept mapping as a pedagogical method (Additional ''reading'')
#* Concept Maps: What the heck is this?
#* Teaching and Learning with Concept Maps
#* Concept mapping in the classroom
#* What is a Concept Map
# [ Geogebra] resources- from Geogebra tube.
# [ Geogebra] files - Karnataka Open Educational Resources.
# [ PhET] science simulations.
# Mindmaps on different topics -Karnataka Open Educational Resources.

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