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The Digifest is an annual event for bringing together teachers’ and students’ explorations with technology in learning and is being conducted by IT for Change as part of the Teachers’ Communities of Learning Program.  The event is supported by Cognizant Foundation and is organized in collaboration with Vijaya Teachers’ College. The 'Digifest" event on Apr 9, 2019 for Government and government aided school students where the TCOL ([[Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3|Teachers Community of Learning]]) running in the schools.
=== Objective of the event ===
# To recognize innovative work done by schools and students engaged in digitally enabled using digital technologies for subject learning and to reinforce digital learning# To in the schoolsTo provide a forum space for exhibiting and sharing student creativity# To reinforce explore the possibilities of digital learning resource creations in the learning process# To encourage students to present their digital portfolios at other schools# To help students build their confidence by activities such as quizzes and presentations
=== Agenda of the event ===

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