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KVS Quadrilaterals

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=== [[Mid point of sides of a Quadrilateral]] ===
=== [[Types of Quadrilaterals]] ======= Parallelogram ====Click here to [[:File:Parallelogram.ggb|open]] the file {{Geogebra|jfsbz3mv}} ==== Rectangle ====Click here to [[:File:Rectangle.ggb|open]] the file {{Geogebra|umz52brv}} ==== Square ====Click here to [[:File:Square.ggb|open]] the file {{Geogebra|tv6vwngu}} ==== Trapezium ====Click here to [[:File:Trapezium.ggb|open]] the file {{Geogebra|fmmqeyzf}}
=== Properties of a Parallelogram ===

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