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Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3

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Teachers Communities of Learning (TCOL)
## Communicate with parents using IVRS system
## Helping interested schools develop a web page for their communication
# Block -level workshops for head masters, subject teachers. These workshops will be subject wise onlyonyl, and will be conducted on an identified day each month. Teachers from the schools where ICT is being integrated for subject teaching will also present their work to support peer learning in these workshops
# Creating and uploading digital resources in Kannada and in English; resources will be uploaded on the Karnataka Open Educational Resources portal, for use by all teachers.
# Supporting schools and teachers to integrate digital technologies in their online and offline teaching activities post the COVID-19 pandemic
=== Block workshops calendar ===
The following is the proposed schedule for workshops during 2018-19. Detailed program objectives by subject are available in [[Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3 Maths programme|Mathematics program,]] [ Kannada program] and [ Head Masters' program] pages.
==== Sorted by date'''Subjectand subject''' ====
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# Social Science
# Science
# [[Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3 COVID program|Support to online and offline teaching activities post COVID]]
===Expected Outcomes===
# Development of a cohort of teachers across aided schools in the South 3 block, who are familiar with technology mediation in teaching learning
# Improvement in the educational outcomes in the participating schools (both in block level and school level work)
# Demonstration of technology integration models in aided schools for teaching learning, teacher learning , and school development
# Developing the institutional identity and presence of government aided school
# Emergence The emergence of a vibrant professional learning community of teachers engaged in continuous learning – across government schools and government aided schools

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