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An ICT integrated science and maths exhibition has been planned with participation from Ejipura and Jayanagar 9th block schools. The venue of the programme is Jayanagar 9th block school and we will be inviting nearby private schools and primary schools to observe the exhibition.

Programme Details

Participating schools – Jayanagar 9th Block, Ejipura Venue: Jayanagara 9th Block; Dates: Feb 9-10, 2016

Objectives of the programme:

1. Everyone should participate 2. Children should feel science is fun, we can learn 3. Hands on doing and practical 4. ICT integration to be demonstrated

Overall plan of the programme

  1. Activities by Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/ Maths to be demonstrated and explained by students. Totally 120-150 students will present. They will be grouped based on activity and requirements.
  2. There will also be an ICT-led demonstration in the computer room There will be two children at each computer who can demonstrate/ discuss the ICT resources also. But these can also be self-exploratory.
  3. Students must go through all the physical activities before entering the ICT lab and the video screening.
  4. There will be a video screening/ quiz at the end of the day for the students. During this we will identify clips/ pictures that they can relate to and identify and conduct as a quiz. This will be done in batches of 35-40.
  5. . Students will write the name of the best experiment they saw and this will be used to determine the first, second and third prizes
  6. . An open bulletin board with “I want to know” questions
  7. . Students from GHS Yediyur, Class 7 students from primary school and near by private schools will attend

More details will be added soon!!