Assam STF Maths District Programme 2016

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Objectives of the STF programme

The STF programme will aim to:

  1. Build the computer literacy skills for teachers
  2. Learning to use Geogebra for creating simulations in Algebra and Geometry
  3. How to use the internet as a learning resource - to create a resource library for my use and for the classroom and build digital resource libraries
  4. Use emails, MathsScience Subject Mailing Forum to communicate
  5. Access the Karnataka Open Educational Resources. Understand how resources are organized on KOER and share feedback and activities
  6. Develop digital literacy skills - email, internet search and downloading, using image editor and text editor

How is the programme done

A group of resource persons has been trained from 5 districts - Barpeta, Cachar, Dhemaji, Dhubri, Jorhat in two workshops.

In these workshops, the teachers have been introduced to how to access internet for their own learning, send email to other teachers and create resources using Libre Office Writer, Freemind and Geogebra. The first STF workshop for Mathematics was conducted from 19-01-2016 to 23-01-2016. The second STF workshop for Mathematics is being conducted from 02-02-2016 to 06-02-2016. The programme has been conducted in Assam Engineering Institute, Chanmari.

A technology support group has also been trained in these districts.

Together, these teachers will be training the district teachers.

Participant information

The details of resource persons trained is available here

Technology support group information is available here

Objectives and Agenda of district programme

Mindmap in English

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Mindmap in Assamese

Objectives of the programme

  1. Introducing teachers to digital literacy
  2. Making teachers understand importance of a mail forum and to help them send an email
  3. To demonstrate importance of internet for own learning
  4. Making teachers understand importance of Free and Open Software
  5. To introduce making resources with Freemind
  6. To introduce making resources with Geogebra
  7. To introduce making resources Libre Office Writer

Preparation for the programme

  1. Make specialist in your district team for each tool
  2. Interact with technology support group in your district
  3. Read the resources for the tools on KOER
  4. Practice and prepare the tools
  5. Use the Assam maths forum for clearing doubts
  6. Lab availability - minimum 20 computers
  7. Lab availability - Internet - minimum 8 Mbps