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Objectives of the workshop

The first STF workshop for Technology is being conducted from 27-1-2016 to 31-1-2016
The second STF workshop for Technology is being conducted from 8-2-2016 to 12-2-2016




Participant Profile

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Technology Workshop Handouts

  1. Importance of Free and Open Source Environment
  2. Circulars on adopting Public (Free and Open Source) Software
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Creation of a personal digital library
  5. Internet – a new method of learning
  6. Note_on_Internet_access
  7. How to access the internet
  8. How to create a Personal Digital Library
  9. Using a text editor
  10. Emailing
  11. Text editing
  12. Combining images and text
  13. Freemind
  14. Handout for Freemind
  15. Text editing
  16. Screencast Recording
  17. Ubuntu Installation
  18. How to add members to the email group

See here for videos on Ubuntu, Libre Office, GIMP

Participant Feedback

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  2. WORKSHOP SECOND [ Click here]

At Workshop

Workshop Reports


Second Day

The 2nd day ICT Training Programme started at 10.00 am. Both the teachers and the trainers introduced each other to have a familiar and more interactive training session ahead.

We learned about typing different local languages by using IBus applications and adding different languages.

Also we got the knowledge of editing a text document, basic formating pages, font setup, save with password, export documents from one format to another formats like .odt to .pdf, doc etc.. fonts setting in libre office, Extension installation and installing different versions.

Then we had lunch. After lunch we started the session on Installing fonts, about unicode and non unicode fonts.

Then we had the tea break and after that we started the session on software center, Installing applications through different methods, example debian, .sh files.

Finally we proceeded with the simple yet meaningful session on Sending emails to the forum.

To conclude we note that the trainers are very resourceful and optimistic. Although it was the Second day however they become our friends and again make it true that Learning becomes easy when your teacher become friend. Hope the zeal continues and we finish our training programme with prosperity and knowledge.

We the teachers of Barpeta district thanks all the stakeholders of this training programme.

Submitted by: BARPETA-ASSAM
Jyoti Prasad Das, Retail Management
Manabendra Choudhury, IT/ITES
Manab Ranjan Das Choudhury, IT/ITES
Sudarshana Batshah, Retail Management

Third Day

The third day of the training started on 10 AM. All the teachers arrived at time along with the ICT Trainers. The class started with a quick recap on the previous day’s learning.

The ICT Trainer Mr. Deepu explained the utility of spreadsheet program and a IT Teacher was requested to take a demo class session on spreadsheet program. He helped all the teachers with a proper demonstration of Libre office calc.

Then there was a small tea break of 10 minutes.After the tea break session then the trainer explained the concept of Internet and there was a session on internet browsing. On this session the various utility and concept of web browser along with the history of web browser was discussed.There was a practice session of few minutes was included for the practice of various browser functions.

After this session all the teachers went for the lunch break.

After lunch there was a session on email and downloading. The utility and various functions of email and use of various plugins and add ons was discussed in this session.

Then their was a short tea break

The last session covered the application of filter and labels in email.

The trainers impressed all the teachers with their friendly and cooperative behaviour. Although it was the third day of the training but we always felt enthusiastic to learn new things.

We all the teachers of Dhemaji district thanks the stakeholders of this training program.

Prepared by :
Ram Krishna Baishya VT(IT)
Gogamukh HS School, Dhemaji
Jyotirmoi Hazarika VT(Retail Management)
Bordoloni HS School,Dhemaji
Alakesh Gogoi VT(IT)
Bordoloni HS School,Dhemaji
Hemanta Tayeng VT(IT)
Sisimukh HS School,Dhemaji

Fourth Day

First of all, we gratefully acknowledge the assistance, co-operation, guidance provided by the Assam Engineering Institute in the course of the program. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mrs. Titiksha Raj Kashyap, State Consultant, RMSA,Assam for her sincere and needful co-operation in all spheres of the program. We would also like to thanks the Resource person Mr Deepu Narayan R,Mr. Rakesh Gundari & Mr. Anil Vibhuthe for their valuable session.

The fourth day training was started around 10 AM at Assam Engineering Institute, Chandmari. All the Vocational Teachers leave the Hotel around 9.00 AM and reached at AEI at sharp 9.45 AM by bus. The Session started with a quick recap on the 3rd day’s session. In the first Session The ICT Trainer Mr. Deepu Narayan Explained the different form of copy rights, then through terminal how to edit sources list, how to find system details, how to install skyp, Geogebra and add ppa. Then in the Second Session started with Disk Analyzer, use of fslint to remove junk files, remove ppa and how to remove software completely through terminal, remove lock, finding ppa for Geogebra, installing ffmulti converter through terminal. Third session started with installing libreOffice help in English, the software update, use of synaptic package Manager, then a little recap on day 4 sessions. In the final session the trainer explained the internal concept of E-mail i.e. what are headers are included in an E-mail message and what the local IP, Private IP is & how to find them. Then there was a demonstration of creating Google group and adding members to the group. We all the Vocational Teachers of Cachar District thank the Resource Persons of the program.

Prepared by
CACHAR District
Hirokjyoti Choudhury, VT(IT/ITeS)
Jehirul Islam, VT(Retail)
Rafique Ahmed Mazumder, VT(IT/ITeS)
Md. Washim Akram, VT(Retail)

Fifth Day

The 5th day of the training started around 10 AM. The class started with re-installation of Ubuntu as some PCs are not working properly. Then the ICT trainer Mr. Rakesh showed the steps for uninstallation of Ubuntu. Then he taught us how to open different applications from terminal.

Then the ICT trainer Mr. Deepu Narayan showed us different System tools such as changing the appearance of the desktop, creation of Hotspots, Bluetooth settings, Mouse settings etc.

Then there was a small tea break for 5 minutes. After the break the second session started with preparation of agenda for the next workshop. All the teachers suggested some topics for the next workshop. Then Mr. Rakesh explained about Recording the desktop using the RecordMyDesktop.

In the last session all the teachers give their feedbacks about the workshop and share their views.

The Resource persons were very much energetic and friendly. We have learned a lot from them. We all the Vocational Teachers from Jorhat District thanks the Resource Persons of the program.

Prepared by
Jorhat District
Tulika Boruah (VT-IT/ITeS)-Teok Girls’ HSS
Deepshikha Pathak(VT-Retail)-Teok Girls’ HSS
Urmi Mala Mahanta (VT-IT/IteS)-Lahing HSS
Shahnawaz Alam Siddique(VT-IT/IteS)-Gorajan HSS