Axioms, Postulates And Theorems

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Concept Map

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Web resources
  1. Video on angles -
  2. Additional information on axioms and postulates
  3. To learn types of angles click here
  4. The following videos provide an introduction to axioms, postulates and lines

Teaching Outlines

Concept 1 - Introduction to planar geometry

It is useful to discuss with students about Euclid and his great contribution to Mathematics. The below two statements helps to understand and prove the theorems in geometry. Also, through a combination of activities, help the students understand results in the nature of axioms and postulates.

  1. Certain statements which are valid in all branches of mathematics whose validity is taken for granted without seeking mathematical proofs is called axioms
  2. Some statement which are taken for granted in a particular branches of mathematics is called postulates.
Activity 1- Introduction to angles
Activity 2 - Introduction to pairs of angles
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