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(Educational Infrastructure)
(Educational Infrastructure)
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| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=2|title=ICT Lab}}[[File:BHSSchool lab 2.jpg|thumb|ICT Lab]]
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=2|title=ICT Lab}}[[File:BHSSchool lab 2.jpg|thumb|ICT Lab]]
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=9|title=School photos}}[[File:BHS.jpg|thumb|School view]]<br />
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=9|title=School photos}}[[File:BHSEnt.jpg|thumb|School view]]<br />
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BHS Jayanagar

School Location Map

School Location Map

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School Profile

BHS Jayanagar which is located at " 35/1, Bhs I Grade Colony, 11, 4, Jaya Nagar, 4th T Block East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011" Mr. Haalesh is the present Head master of the school which is aided under Government of Karnataka. The school has always put students education as its primary goal that is why we have also provided them with Library, computer labs, Good play ground etc. Recognizing the importance of ICT in education, we have started ICT integrated classes for high school students from this academic year.

Student Strength

Class Medium Girls Boys Total
8th English 21 55 76
9th English 24 64 88
10th A English 07 38 45
10th B English 09 30 39
Total 248

ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರ ಮಾಹಿತಿ / Teacher Profile





Subject ಬೋಧನಾ ಅನುಭವ

Teaching Experience

T.H.Halesh HM Soc.Science and English
M.U. Jadhav Subject Teacher Hindi and Kannada
Ramesh Sharma Subject Teacher Kannada
A Sripathy Nakshatri Subject Teacher Sanskrit
B.Lokesh Subject Teacher Biology
Mumtaz Hassan Begum Subject Teacher Soc.Science and English
Firdos Ara Khatoon Subject Teacher Maths and Science
Suresh R Kamble Subject Teacher Drawing
B.N. Srinivas Subject Teacher Soc.Science and English
N Junjanna Physical Education PET
N Sowmya Subject Teacher Mathematics

Educational Infrastructure

School photos
School view