Basics of Number System- Multiplication, Factors and Multiples

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To enable students -

  1. to understand about Multiplication of numbers as repeated form of addition
  2. to get familiar with basic computation of multiplication of single digit and two digit numbers.
  3. to identify factors and multiples of a given number.
  4. to solve word problems based on multiplication of numbers
  5. to apply multiplication of numbers in real life situations.

Estimated Time

90 minutes

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

Knowledge on counting and addition of numbers

Materials/ Resources needed

Crayons/colouring pencils, pencil and worksheet.

Process (How to do the activity)

The teacher gives concrete examples initially where students try to add groups of equal sizes and thus understand that multiplication operation can be used for adding groups of equal sizes.

Example1: There are some chocolates in the bag and there are 5 students. If each student were given one chocolate then what is the total number of chocolates given to all students? Now if the number of chocolates given to each student is two, then what is the total number of chocolates given to all students?

The teacher then asks students the fundamental operation that could be replaced for repeated form of addition and helps students understand concept of multiplication and further the concept is strengthened using further examples.

Example 2:

Developmental questions of the activity

Evaluation at the end of the activity