Child safety guidelines

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Guidelines issued by Bangalore Police to all schools:

1) School buses should appoint a male and a female staff to accompany students till they are dropped at their doorsteps. Buses should have GPS & CCTV facilities, which should be functional always. Managements should verify driving licenses of drivers and get information about their antecedents from police.

2) Managements should have written agreements with vehicle owners that owners would be solely responsible for violation of norms by drivers.

3) Managements should issue strict instructions to drivers to stay in vehicles. They should be warned not to move inside school premises and try to drag children into conversation unnecessarily.

4) Concerned teachers and supervisors alone should be present at ground, swimming pool, laboratories, library, dancing hall and gym.

5) Managements should appoint Floor Vigilance Officers (FVO). A transparent glass cabin should be set up for them so that they could monitor activities taking place in all directions.

6)Some of the CCTVs should be immediately repaired and more CCTVs should be installed wherever needed.

7) Identity cards with photos of students should be given to parents. Parents should give a specific cellphone number for contacting during emergencies.

8) Identity cards should be given to staff, office-bearers of management, security guards, attenders after verifying their antecedents from police. Everybody should be directed to displays ID cards while in school.

9) Management should appoint security guards who will work in three shifts. Security staff should submit report to their heads every two hours about safety status.