Creating an online course for students

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  1. To create and pilot an online learning module for a selected cohort of students
  2. To develop a framework for an online course offering that can be extended to a large class
  3. To develop strategies for combining physical and digital learning
  4. To identify appropriate resources and develop capabilities in tools and platforms
  5. To allow children to become independent learners

How can this be structured

(These are tentative thoughts - to be discussed)

  1. Combination of a teacher-led session and student work
  2. Bi-weekly interactions (2 times in a week for 40 minutes)
  3. Once a week common platform to interact with students (20-30 minutes)
  4. Limit synchronous learning activity
  5. A 3-week course (or 4 weeks) - what duration will be effective
  6. With a defined learning objective and outcome at the end of the period
  7. An assessment at the end of this period to see how we have performed

What kind of resources are needed

  1. A data bank of activities
  2. Videos of teacher led sessions - demonstrating the activities, explaining, teaching
    1. Can be a series of short 3-5 minute videos?
    2. Can be a single video?
  3. Worksheets for students/ practice activities
    1. Downloadable worksheets
    2. Online worksheets / quizzes (Kahoot, Google Forms, H5P)
  4. Materials that are created and curated for students to see/ hear and play with
    1. Links to simulations on the web
    2. Links to Geogebra files (these could be uploaded on KOER as HTML - students need not install Geogebra)
  5. Preparation for an online interaction
    1. Internet
    2. Device
    3. Teachers could invest in a stylus kind of equipment
    4. Learn to use a platform (BBB is one good option)

Challenges/ concerns

  1. Device availability
  2. Internet access
  3. Student internet safety - Google related tools can be a problem
  4. How do we assess and track?