Cyclic quadrilateral

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Activity#1 Cyclic quadrilateral

  • Estimated Time 10 minutes
  • Materials/ Resources needed: Laptop, geogebra file, projector and a pointer.
  • Prerequisites/Instructions, if any
  1. Circle and quadrilaterals should have been introduced.
  • Multimedia resources : Laptop
  • Website interactives/ links/ / Geogebra Applets

  • Process:
  1. The teacher can recall the concept of a circle, quadrilateral, circumcircle.
  2. Can explain a cyclic quadrilateral and show the geogebra applet.
  3. Move points, the vertices of the quadrilateral and let the students observe the sum of opposite interior angles.
Developmental Questions:
  1. What two figures do you see in the figure ?
  2. Name the vertices of the quadrilateral.
  3. Where are all the 4 vertices situated ?
  4. Name the opposite interior angles of the quadrilateral.
  5. What do you observe about them.
  • Evaluation:
  1. Compare the cyclic quadrilateral to circumcircle.
  • Question Corner
  1. Can all quadrilaterals be cyclic ?
  2. What are the necessary conditions for a quadrilateral to be cyclic ?

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