Defence Of The Nation

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Brief idea about the topic

This chapter talks about the structure of our defence forces and their responsibilities. Students learn about the organisation of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force along with shedding light on our second line of defence.


This chapter is Chapter 6 in the Political Science section of the Social Sciences part 2 textbook.

Additional References

This document gives a good amount of detail into India's military history.

This resource provides comprehensive information about our Indian Armed Forces.

Both these websites provide a lot of facts and figures about the Indian Army and Navy respectively.

Project Ideas

  1. Students can make a compilation of the military heroes they know of in groups. They can list their ranks and the major incidents that they're known for.
  2. Students can collect pictures of rockets and warships used by our defence forces.

Community Based Project

Students should be encouraged to visit or set up a Red Cross Society in their school or neighbourhood.