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One - two day workshop on exploring digital tools and methods for supporting English Language Teaching (ELT)

(can use this for internal workshop + CLIx workshop and make it a generic page for such workshops, focusing on tools as Indic Anagram, H5P, Audacity)

Objectives of the workshop

  1. Understanding the importance of interactive resource for learning.
  2. Multiple possibilities of language resource creation - text, audio, interactive content
  3. To see how audio can be used in a language lesson.


Topic Time Structure Session plan Steward activities
Introduction to the workshop and objectives 11:00 - 11:15 Introduction 1. The training team will explain the structure and objectives of the session and its relevance for the project

2. The training team will explore the expectations of the stewards from the session.

3. The training team will divide the stewards into pairs of 2 according to the digital literacy assessment with at least one person comparatively digitally proficient in each group. This grouping is undertaken to enable peer learning.

The stewards will share their expectations/requirements from the digital literacy session
Familiarization with desktop and working with Word processor 11.15 – 01:15 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Overview of Desktop and creating individual folders.

2. Introduction to Word processor and it's user interface.

3. Creating and saving a text file.

4. Editing and formatting a document.

5. Creating bulleted and numbered lists.

6. Adding page header and footer.

7. Spell check and saving the file.

1. Login to computer.

2. Create individual folder.

3. Create and save the file.

4. Applying everything they have learnt to a paragraph that will be given to them.

Lunch break 01:15 – 02:00
Numeric data editing using Spreadsheet 02:00 – 03:00 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Opening and navigating a spreadsheet.

2. Formatting a spreadsheet.

3. Providing headings to the data.

4. Inserting basic formulae for computations and sorting data.

5. Saving the files and formats.

1. Create and save the file.

2. Apply everything they have learnt to a sample data that will be given to them.

Presentations with LibreOffice Impress 03:00 – 04:00 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Opening a presentation slide

2. Adding title and organizing text through bullets and number lists

3. Inserting images and weblinks

4. Saving the files and formats

1. Create and save the file.

2. Apply everything they have learnt to create a presentation with three slides on topics they have learnt.

Introduction to cloud storage and collection of data with the help of online forms and visualisation of the same. 04:00 – 05:30 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Introduction to Cloud storage and open Google drive.

2. Upload document, spreadsheet and slide deck to Cloud account.

3. Create Google forms for data collection.

4. Visualise the collected data online.

1. Login to Google drive.

2. Upload files to Cloud storage.

3. Collect data using Online form and visualise.


Learn H5P