Head Teachers Forum programme at Yadgir

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Head Teachers Forum Yadgir


A programme for School Leadership Development (SLDP) has been planned by DIET Yadgir. This programme consists of a series of workshops with High School Head Masters in Yadgir


The programme will be a blended programme covering the theory and practice of school leadership, including areas such as leadership aspects such as Visioning, School Development Planning

Management Tools are also being covered in these workshops, including SWOT Analyses


Workshop March 2013

Note on School Leadership shared by Praveen, C-LAMPS

Workshop July 2013

In the workshop in July 2013, the participants discussed the context of Yadgir schools using SWOT as a framework Why School Leadership

First, the participants discussed both 'Where are we' (context) and 'where do we want to go' (vision) and these was recorded as mindmaps 'Where are we' 'Where to go'

The context of the school and school system was analysed using SWOT tool. Three groups did a SWOT analyses for -myself, my school and my school system. These analyses were recorded as Mindmaps using Freemind software presented and discussed in the plenary. SWOT analyses for MYSELF, MY SCHOOL and School system was also discussed and shared as mindmaps

Around six HMs had recently purchased own laptops and used it during the workshop, and many more have resolved to purchase their personal devices. All participants shared emails with the HTFYadgir googlegroups. Sri Hanumant Gongle, HM GHUS Gurmitkal took a session on advanced HRMS which was much appreciated.