Help:Converting Rachana Class 9

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Steps involved to upload Rachana material in Kannada (page maker file format) to KOER

  1. Install Page maker software tryout version if not there in your system
  2. Open the Rachana file in Page Maker software and select export to text or html
  3. Close the page maker file / software
  4. Open the text file or html file and select all the material and copy the material
  5. Open the word file and paste the material
  6. If table is there in the material, remove the tables - else the nudi conversion file will not work
  7. Open the nudi conversion file to convert non unicode kannada material to unicode - if not available download the nudi conversion software
  8. Paste all the material to nudi conversion file
  9. Convert to unicode by clicking Add-Ins and click nudiconversions
  10. Select nudiakshara to unicode and click 'Badalisu' button
  11. After converting to unicode save as the file
  12. open the saved file and make any changes required then upload to KOER