Initiating a course on Moodle and BigBlueButton

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The following are the various steps to be followed for initiating a course on Moodle and BigBlueButton.

1. Registration of the participants

The details of the participants (name and e-mail id) are to be collected & shared with the ITfC team.

2. Creation of a whatsapp group for quick communication

Once the participant details are available, a whatsapp group needs to be created with all of them added. This group will be used for quick communication.

3. Creation of the Moodle IDs for the participants

Once the participant details are shared, their Moodle IDs will be created. ITfC team will do this and share the details (user id & password). These details can then be shared with the participants in the whatsapp groups.

4. Enrolling the participants to the appropriate courses

Once the Moodle IDs are created, the participants need to be enrolled to the appropriate course. This to be done by the course creator.

5. Creation of the course in Moodle

The new course needs to be created in Moodle. This will be done by the System Administrator. The course content needs to be added by the Course Faculty.

6. Creating the BBB link in the CELT courses in Moodle

This will be done by the ITfC team. Participants will click on this link to join the webinar.

7. Installation of Moodle app by the participants who are using Mobile

The instructions and links for installing the Moodle app should be shared in the whatsapp group. The participants can refer to for help. Participants can join using the browser on their mobile also.

8. Message to the participants to familiarize themselves with the BigBlueButton

A message needs to be sent to the participants on familiarizing themselves with the BigBlueButton webinar platform. The message can include the link to the BBB tutorial video. The sample message is given in the next page.

9. Message to the participants on how to join the webinar

There needs to be a message sent to the participants on how to join the webinar. This should have clear step-by-step instructions. The sample message is given at the end of the document.

10. An overview session on the BBB & Moodle for the participants

Before starting the actual course, there should be an overview session conducted to familiarize the participants to the BigBlueButton and Moodle platforms.