Introduction to Mathematics teaching with Geogebra

From Karnataka Open Educational Resources

Digital technologies (also known as Information Communication Technologies, ICT) have made us a knowledge society.  With levels of student learning varying widely, schools have to look at innovative methods of supporting the learning paths of all students; digitally-enabled learning being one of them. NCERT has developed a National ICT curriculum for ICT learning, as well as ICT, enabled learning for students and teachers, which emphasizes 'creating and learning' as one theme for ICT integration in education.

The use of ICT in Mathematics teaching  has taken on a new urgency due to the current context of restrictions on school education (COVID-19), where many schools – government, aided and private;  are experimenting with different methods of online education. To make sure that COVID does not increase inequitable access to educational opportunities, it is important that schools develop their own models of ICT integration, keeping in mind the context and needs of their students.

With this background in mind, we at IT for Change thought we should use this opportunity to offer a course on creating resources using Geogebra, a Free and Open Source (FOSS) tool, for Mathematics teachers.


  1. To give an exposure to Mathematics teachers, to the nature of ICT and the different possibilities for integrating ICT in school education
  2. To introduce teachers to Geogebra, a powerful tool for creating resources for Mathematics teaching
  3. To introduce teachers to the idea of Open Educational Resources (OER) and their importance for equity in education
  4. To create a community of teachers experienced in ICT integration in teaching learning

Course curriculum

The curriculum will be as under, tentatively scheduled over 4 weeks.

Week 1

Nature of ICT

An introduction to the course platform and an overview of Geogebra

Week 2

Basic Geogebra sketches for illustrating key concepts in mathematics

Week 3

Using all the features of the tool interface for creating resources

Week 4

Demonstration and development  of lessons using Geogebra for teaching

In addition, we will plan simple video tutorials for screencast videos that will enable you to take the lessons to your students. The resources will include Geogebra files, suggested lesson plans, worksheets, activities for assessments and readings on the various concepts involved in ICT integration in teaching-learning.

Course Methodology

The course will run on Moodle, a Learning Management System, where all the course materials will be shared. The course will be transacted through webinars, discussions among participants in the discussion forums and resources in the form of readings, sample Geogebra files and lesson plans.