Introduction to sociology

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Brief insight to the topic

The dictionary defines sociology as the systematic study of society and social interaction. The word “sociology” is derived from the Latin word socius (companion) and the Greek word logos (speech or reason), which together mean “reasoned speech about companionship”. However the real life implication of sociology cannot be contained to a single definition. This chapter enables students to get started on the journey of discovering the subject which is a useful tool to understand human behaviour and its ever changing nature.

Text books

Karnataka state board 8th grade Social science text book

This chapter is both comprehensive and easy to understand. Therefore it is largely sufficient for students to go through the same. However it may be tedious for students to read as it is very theoretical. Showing videos or having activities in class can be a great help.

Useful websites

This resource can help build a fundamental understanding of sociology as a concept using real life, basic examples.

Biographies and interesting snippets about the Western sociologists mentioned in syllabus.