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=== '''Reading:''' ===
=== '''Reading:''' ===
==== Story                                                                                                                                         3 ====
==== Story                                                                                                                                     1x3=3 ====
Note: Read with correct pronunciation, fluency & pause.
Note: Read with correct pronunciation, fluency & pause.

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  • Read and follow the instructions for each heading.
  • Correct answer will be marked 1 else 0 on the grading sheet.

Listening comprehension and speaking:

Note: The resource person has to read the passage twice loudly & then ask two questions to each teacher.

My Day

Hi, my name is Jayanna. I am a teacher. Yesterday I had a very busy day. I woke up at half past six. Waking up was so hard that I needed to wash my face with cold water to open my eyes. I brushed my teeth. Then I went to the kitchen and had a cup of coffee and toast for breakfast. I ironed my clothes and finally got dressed and left home around seven o’clock. I got on the bus at half past seven. I arrived at school at ten to eight. I taught my class till four o'clock.

Answer any two of the following questions: 1x2=2
  1. What did Jayanna do soon after waking up?
  2. What breakfast did he have?
  3. What time did he leave home?
  4. What time did he leave school?
Make one sentence using “put up with”. (Comprehension) 1x1=1
Speak four sentences about your profession. (Speaking) 2x1=2


Story 1x3=3

Note: Read with correct pronunciation, fluency & pause.

Dear Gita,

If you'd like to improve your English, one thing you can do is to build up your vocabulary. I’m afraid there is not a short cut for this. But there are many effective ways. First of all, you should read a lot. You can read short stories, comics, newspapers, magazines etc. depending on your English level. Look up the meaning of difficult words in a dictionary. Another way of building vocabulary is to watch movies in English which will also help with pronunciation. Keep a vocabulary notebook and write down new words each day. Keep in mind that you have to revise them regularly. In my opinion, to communicate with people all you need is words

Your loving


  1. Give “Synonym” for - effective 1x2=2
  2. Give “Antonym” for- regularly


  1. Write a paragraph (50 words) about “My First Day in School”. 3
  2. Write a permission letter to your HM to attend your daughter’s school meeting. 2


Note : Do as directed 1x6=6

  1. The teacher told Giri he had been very regular in his work. (Indirect into Direct with appropriate punctuations)
  2. My father loves seafood. (Present tense to past tense and future tense)
  3. India is known for its scenic beauty. (Assertive to Interrogative sentence)
  4. Sheela ______always spilling things but she _______be lot more careful. (Insert the correct auxiliary verbs and modals)
  5. Krishna was went to Goa last Monday. (Correct the sentence)
  6. ________ apple _______ day keeps the doctor away. (fill in the blanks with articles)

Grammar: Identify the parts of speech from the given sentence: 4

Great! Meera and her best friend always played with a cat.

Noun Pronoun Adjective Verb Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection Article