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Technology help
Technology help
# [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11o-23rwdVUJ6WRULIckvLDafK7rRAKL0O6GIsvDf2oo/edit Teacher participants information]
# [https://teacher-network.in/OER/index.php/Explore_an_application Explore an application]
# [https://teacher-network.in/OER/index.php/Explore_an_application Explore an application]
# [[Useful websites|Teachers useful websites]]
# [[Useful websites|Teachers useful websites]]

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Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) is organizing an induction program for all teachers during 2019-20.

Objectives of the Master trainer’s Induction program

  1. To motivate the trainers and create awareness regarding the objectives of Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS)
  2. To create awareness about National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF)
  3. To create awareness regarding the child protection and rights
  4. To create awareness regarding Importance, use and application of technology in classrooms and beyond!
  5. To enrich content based on National Curriculum Framework 2005 position papers (technology to be used)
  6. To introduce creative teaching methods, including through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  7. To make them analyse and apply evaluation techniques
  8. To apply action research in a real time scenario


Date and Day Session Topic Resource Person Educational movie, reflection and resources
23/7/19 Morning

9.30-10 AM

10-12.30 PM


Welcome & sharing Vision of KREIS

Dr.Gururaj Karjagi

Director KREIS & Chairman

Dr.Gururaj Karjagi- ACT Academy



Pretest &


Mr Chethan


Educational Thoughts- Dr.Gururaj Karjagi
24/7/19 Morning

9.30-10 AM

10-1 PM

Reflections from previous day

Child protection & Rights

Dr. Niranjan Aradya/ Ms Shruti


Content enrichment based on NCF Position papers English-

Ms Uzma/ Dr.Ravinarayan -RIE

Social- Dr.Kalavathi.B.K



Emotional development- Dr Shyam Bhatt
25/7/19 Morning

9.30-10 AM

Reflections from previous day
10-1 PM Technology for ‘connecting and learning’
  • Understanding of Internet as new methods of learning through online and online resource repositories.
  • Connecting with one another - Professional Learning Communities as a method of TPD     
  • Understanding the importance of OER resources in education.    
  • Access teaching learning resources on the internet
  • Building capabilities to create, collect, organize and use digital resources
Mr. Guru Kasinathan & Team
  1. About OER
  2. Professional learning communities
  3. Use Indic-anagaram tool to create language resources
  4. Learn Kazam - to create visual resources


Content enrichment with technology, ICT for ‘creating and learning’
  • Understanding of the creating resources by learning to teach.
  • Introduce to different forms of resource creation in text and audio visual formats.
  • Use different education tools for teaching.
Mr Guru Kashinathan & Team
  1. Create Maths resources by using Geogebra
  2. Use science simulation tool - PHET
  3. Learn marble
  4. Educational Thoughts- Jaggi Gurudev
26/7/19 Morning

9.30-10 AM

10-1 PM

Reflections from previous day

Creative methods-1 (general)

Mr. Vivekannada & Team



Creative methods )-2 (Subject wise) English- Ms.Uzma/

Dr.Ravinarayan- RIE

Social-Dr.Kalavathi. B.K

Science - Mr.Vivekannanda

Maths-Mr. Gururaj

DSERT Learning outcomes- Mr Gururaj- RIE
27/7/19 Morning

9.30 - 10 AM

10 - 1 PM

Reflections from previous day

Evaluation-HOTS & LOTS

SSLC Schema & classroom observation




  1. Action research proposal developed based on felt need
  2. Feedback & Post test
Mr.Chethan & Team Valedictory-


Education Readings

  1. National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF) and Position Papers
  2. Draft National Education Policy 2019 (NEP)

Technology help

  1. Teacher participants information
  2. Explore an application
  3. Teachers useful websites

Pre and Post test information

  1. KREIS teachers' pretest question paper - English
  2. Participants information (ICT pre-test information)