Karnataka Open Educational Resources:General disclaimer

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The resources for the KOER site have been contributed by practising teachers. These resources have also been shared amongst the teachers for a peer review. These resources have not been through an academic review but have been shared and adapted by teachers for use in the classroom. In the spirit of collaborative creation of digital learning resources by practising teachers, we welcome comments and suggestions, ideas to augment and improve this resource material.


The KOER is primarily a creation of practising teachers, and not by 'experts'. Contributions of teachers would be reviewed by peers and teacher educators over time and hence at any point in time, the resources could have errors - grammatical, spelling etc. In case you find any error please email details to KOER@KarnatakaEducation.org.in. The Content has been prepared by Government Teachers, based on National Curriculum Framework and Karnataka Curriculum Framework.


Many sections of the materials have been compiled from readings of standard textbooks, conversations with subject experts and freely available information on the World Wide Web. Freely available and downloadable images have been used in illustrations. Wherever possible and known, we have acknowledged the sources and the authors have taken reasonable care to ensure there are no copyright violations. Should you come across any copyrighted content or image on this web resource, please contact us at koer@karnatakaeducation.org.in so that any material that is prevented by copyright from being shared on the KOER can be removed.