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Community of Practice amongst Karnataka DIET and CTE faculty

The Karnataka DIET and CTE faculty interact on virtual platforms (apart from periodic interactions at DSERT)

  1. Mailing group for Karnataka teacher educators
  2. Mailing group for Karnataka DIETs
  3. Mailing group for Karnataka CTEs

DIET and CTE faculty have been trained in several workshops across the state, in the 'Teacher Educator - Communities of Practice' programme and have also participated in the platform for Indian teacher educators.

The e-Vidya Academies of the department, located at Bangalore Urban DIET, Dharwad DIET and Gulbarga CTE have also been conducting ICT integration training for teacher educators.

Programme during 2013-14

Several workshops were held during 2013-14 to develop the Teacher Educator Communities of Practice

Teacher educators also became members of the Mailing group for Karnataka teacher educators during these workshops.

Programme during 2014-15

During 2014-15, DSERT implemented the curriculum revision for the second year of the DEd. Programme. In the second year, there is a paper on 'ICT Mediation in teaching-learning', which is seen as an important part of teacher studies. During the year, DSERT produced the teacher hand-book and the student source book for this course. DSERT trained DIET faculty to transact this paper in the revised DEd course from 2014-15. This aimed to help to introduce blended learning approaches, by combining face to face workshops with virtual interactions and support the integration of ICTs in teacher education and strengthen the teacher educators Communities of Practice. Click here for information about the DIET faculty training workshops on the paper on 'ICT Mediation in teaching-learning'.

Two workshops were conducted by DSERT in collaboration with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA), an inter-governmental organisation, an institution set up by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) in response to needs expressed by the Commonwealth countries of the Asian region for a more effective utilization of educational media resources for Distance Education.