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Recent Teacher Education Programmes

Teacher Education Workshops


Workshop for DIET Principals, on digital technologies for self learning and peer learning within a "Community of Practice", April 2017


Visit 2013-14 Teacher education events page to read about the teacher education workshops conducted during 2013-14. Each workshop is discussed on a separate page, along with the aims, agenda, hand-outs for these teacher education workshops.

Education News

The Centre has decided to slash its share of funds in about 18 social sector schemes including flagship education programme Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). The central government and states would contribute equally for programmes such as SSA, Rashtriya Uchchtar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), a departure from the previous 65%-35% formula.

In Focus

  • KSEEB SSLC Model question papers 2017
  1. Click Here for all question papers
  2. Click Here for Social Science question paper English version
  3. Click Here for Social Science question paper Kannada version
  4. Click Here for Second Language English question paper
  5. Click Here for Hindi question paper
  6. Click Here for Mathematics question paper Kannada version
  7. Click Here for Mathematics question paper English version
  8. Click Here for Science question paper English version
  9. Karnataka Government Computer Literacy Test (CLT) syllabus and resource materials


Website for Karnataka Teachers

The Karnataka Open Educational Resources wiki is a repository of resources to support practising teachers in terms of their professional development as well as classroom processes. The wiki is built by a community of educators who will will be engaged in the creation, review, curation and publishing of digital curricular resources on a continuous basis. This resource repository is embedded in the Subject Teacher Forum that has been built across high school teachers of Karnataka.

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What are Open Educational Resources

OERs are defined as “educational materials—textbooks, research articles, videos, assessments, simulations—that are either licensed under an open copyright license—for example, Creative Commons—or in the public domain. In both cases you have free (no-cost) access to the OER and free (no-cost) permission to engage in the “4R” activities when using them, including:

  • Revise: adapt and improve the OER so it better meets your needs
  • Reuse: use the original or your new version of the OER in a wide range of contexts
  • Remix: combine or “mashup” the OER with other OER to produce new materials
  • Redistribute: make copies and share the original OER or your new version with others (Wiley, Green & Soares 2012:2).