Mathematics workshop

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One - two day workshop on exploring digital tools and methods for supporting Mathematics Teaching

(can use this for internal workshop + CLIx workshops and make it a generic page for such workshops, focusing on tools as Geogebra, Turtle Art, Robocompass)

Objectives of the workshop

  1. Understand the features of Geogebra
  2. Experience Geogebra with hands-on practice.
  3. Understand how to teach with Geogebra with couple of lessons.

Agenda for the workshop


  1. Learn Geogebra
  2. Explore Maths with Geogebra
  3. Geogebra materials - web repository of Geogebra files and related resources
  4. Geogebra - making a slider youtube video

Geogebra files

  2. File:2.Angles - Types of angles.ggb
  3. File:triangle with text box.ggb
  4. File:Sliders Angles.ggb
  5. File:1. y=mx+c Line Equation.ggb