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Minimal Pairs

Minimal pairs are pairs of words which differ in a single sound.They serve as a drill for

practising sounds.

Minimal pairs involving consonant sounds:


pear-bear pan-ban pail-bail
nip-bib tap-tab mop-mob lap-lab


tin-din tear-dare tall-doll ten-den
bat-bad seat-seed let-led tight-tide


key-ghee cot-got come-gum kill-gill
luck-lug lock-log dock-dog wick-wig


fan-van fail-veil fast-vast file-vile
leaf-leave life-live safe-save shelf-shelve


VOW-WOW vet-wet vile-while viper-wiper




sip-zip sue-zoo sink-zinc seal-zeal
bus-buzz price-prize lace-laze dose-doze


sip-ship so-show same-shame sin-shin
puss-push sass-lash mess-mesh lease-leash


char-jar choose-jews choke-joke
etch-edge batch-badge Lunch-lunge


zip-ship zoo-shoe
was-wash whiz-wish

Minimal pairs involving vowel sounds:


sit-seat bit-beat lick-leak fill-fel


met-mat led-lad men-man shell-shall


full-fool pull-pool soot-suit


cot-caught not-nought tot-taught


pat-part mat-mart cat-cart


pin-pen bid-bed bill-bell chick-check

E1 Ai1

Fan - fern had-heard bad-bird jam-germ


fail-file main-mine lake-like late-light


bail-boil grain-groin paint-point ail-oil


whole-howl Rose-rouse thought-thou load-loud

/ ue/ie

poor-pier Tour-tier sure-sheer moor-mere