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Picture stories are enjoyable as well as a learning resource for the students. Experimenting with them can be a fun way to bring new ideas to the classroom. In this section we have created a picture story by downloading pictures from the Internet which are related to one another. However, you can also make a picture story of images which are not related to each other.

Steps to make a picture story

Click here for a sample picture story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYmq-hFNfDY&feature=youtu.be

  1. Download images from the Internet and put them together in a writer document.

Instructions to use Record My Desktop: [[1]]

  1. Put them together in one writer document and write a script for each picture.

Picture Story html 46a51f5f.png

  1. Open your document in the background and start the recording. You can give a voice-over to your script.

Picture Story html 4451970f.png

Picture stories created by teachers

1. The hungry lion

Contributed by: Mahanesh Kaddipujar, Dharwad

2. Save trees

Contributed by: Basavaraj Bandi, Dharwad

3. Time here

Contributed by: Mani B.E., Govt P.U.C (HS) Venur, Belthangady, D.K.